Directions for use







  • Hold the packed needle with two hands.
  • Bend the cap carefully and break the heat seal. 




  • Remove the back cap.





  • Screw the needle on an anesthetic syringe with an imperial thread. (The syringe should be loaded with an anesthetic cartridge). 




  • Pull off the front cap.
  • The needle is now ready to use.


Note the bevel mark, which indicates the position of

the grinding  for an optimal needle point of location

during the injection.


Dispose of the needle in accordance to national standards.



  • single use only
  • do not bend the needle prior to use
  • do not use if seal is broken
  • non-toxic-non-pyrogenic
  • for dental use only




30 G short/x-short
27 G long/short
25 G long/short
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