Three-edge lancet grinding

The needle penetrates the tissue easily.                                                                                     

Heat-sealed Needle-container

Using heat sealing eliminates the possibility of contamination of the the needle with paper-particles of a band.

Siliconized canula

The needle glides smoothly.

Precisely grinded canula-back-end

Easy penetration of the septum /

dental cartidge.

Threaded hub

Secure fit and easy handling for Hygienists & Dentists.

Box-colors indicate the hub color

Blue 30G  -  Yellow 27G  -  Red 25G

Bevel mark

For an optimal injection position.

Precise base gluing

Ensures a secure and accurate fit of the canula.

Ethylene Oxide sterilization

Highest patient safety.



More information:


The red 25G long and yellow 27G long Needles are especially suitable for nerve block anesthesia.


For infiltration anesthesia you can use the 25G short (red), 27G short (yellow) and the 30G short (blue) needle.


If you want to apply intraligamentary anesthesia the 30G short (blue) needle is especially useful.








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Overview of the needles:



Diameter    Length Diameter    Length Description Hub color  local anesthesia
mm            mm Gauge       Inch                                                            
0.5    x       35 25G    x     1 3/8" 25G long red nerve block Anasthesia
0.5    x       25 25G    x     1" 25G short red Infiltration Anesthesia
0.4    x       35 27G    x     1 3/8" 27G long yellow nerve block Anasthesia
0.4    x       25 27G    x     1" 27G short yellow Infiltration Anesthesia
0.3    x       25 30G    x     1" 30G short blue Infiltration Anesthesia
0.3    x       13 30G    x     1/2" 30G x-short blue Intraligamentary Anesthesia


































30 G short/x-short
27 G long/short
25 G long/short
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